Rivopharm was founded in 1961 and focused initially on the Swiss market, specialising in branded and generic pharmaceutical products.

Since that time Rivopharm has continued to develop its expertise in manufacturing and product development. It has supplied many of its products through partnerships with Europe’s leading generic companies maintaining the Swiss reputation of efficiency, high quality and reliability.

With a young and dynamic management Rivopharm is continually looking at ways in which to expand and diversify its activities. With this spirit in mind,  in 2013 we opened an office in London for the purpose of marketing products directly to the UK market.

Rivopharm now supplies products to wholesalers, retail pharmacies and hospitals.

We have a team of highly skilled Sales & Marketing, Business Development and Regulatory people. The Rivopharm UK team are passionate about sharing in the success and growth of our Company.

Our core philosophy is to continue to build on our reputation for quality of product and service. This is complimented by the careful selection of portfolio extending products.

In addition to organic growth, Rivopharm UK is committed to continued growth through in-licensing new opportunities and forming mutually beneficial business partnerships.